We want to be known for delivering the right goods of the right quality on time. Our quality control is our quality guarantee. Its purpose is to document that what we deliver is what we agreed on.

We have a quality control manual, which is always adhered to. This guarantees the quality of our work both for our customers and staff, and that it lives up to expectations.

Our quality control is a fixed procedure defining how everything is documented, registered and followed up. It consists in an exhaustive quality control plan, where a report is produced as work progresses. The completed project is compared to the original project and any deviations documented. 

We communicate with our customers throughout the process, so that we ensure that we live up to expectations and that any adaptations are made based on common understanding and agreement. This means that we work systematically to guarantee the agreed quality of the project.

The precondition for Articon’s quality is that we assign capable and highly skilled staff to our assignments. It is therefore also important that Articon has the capacity to continually attract capable people working to the highest standards at all levels.