For Articon sustainability in installation and construction work is of utmost importance. It is crucial that sustainability be embedded in every assignment from the outset.

Environmental, social and financial sustainability can be embedded in most tasks. When a client, for example, wants to build a sustainable building, our service team can embed sustainability into the construction work already at the design and planning stage.

Sustainability resides in three areas:

  1. Environment: we consider reducing energy use, CO2 emission and waste generation
  2. Social aspects: indoor environment, safety and welcoming atmosphere
  3. Finance: efficient use of available area, emphasis on comprehensive budgeting and durability.

Articon can offer our input with expertise and skills in all the above-mentioned areas. We welcome opportunities to assist developers /project owners with analysing what it will take to get a sustainable construction.

Our service team would be very pleased to hear from you for a non-binding chat/conversation about your plans. Our Service team number is + 298 28 61 41.