ArtiCon welcomes partnership opportunities in all areas of construction. In our collaborations it is crucial for us that we are reliable and keep our promises. Delivering the right quality, on time, at the agreed price is the main objective of our operations.

We can achieve this aim thanks to our emphasis on managing and controlling our projects from the first lines on the drawing board to the completed works. We have competent people, each an expert in their area. These robust skills ensure that our agreements and projects are delivered as promised. In fields that are not within our expertise, we have established excellent cooperation with consultants and subcontractors in the Faroe Islands and internationally.

Our collaboration is organised under different types of building contracts.

Total contract

For project owners a total contract can be the easiest way to carry out a project. A single contract is signed with Articon, and then Articon takes care of all other contracts with consultants and contractors.

This model of working can also advantageous if you have some ideas or specific requirements for a building, in that case Articon can – in close cooperation with the client – develop the desired solution and carry it out from concept to ready for use.

As examples of projects, which Articon has carried out as total contractor, we can mention Hotel Brandan and the á Strond smolt farm owned by Bakkafrost.

Main contract

If you have been working on a project for a while and have already contacted consultants, who have produced drawings or other project materials, then you can bring this material to Articon and ask us to carry out the project.

For the works you will only sign a contract with Articon, we will take care of agreements with all other suppliers and ensure that your project is completed.

If you have an agreement, which you have had designed and planned, then Articon can take care of the rest with a main contract.

Trade contract

If you are carrying out a project and are looking for a supplier for a specific area, Articon has expertise in most areas of the installation and construction industry. In the case of a specific task within a larger project, Articon can deliver this with a trade contract.


When we partner work is based on trust and openness between all the parties involved in a project. Early on in the process of a partnering project, representatives of the client, consultants and contractors in all areas start working with the project material. The purpose is to pool as much knowledge in as many areas as possible in order to come up with the best possible solutions. Work will be carried out following this model throughout the project, where all parties will work closely together to find the best solution to the challenges that arise. One example of a project, which Articon has carried out using the partnering model is primary and secondary school Skúlin á Fløtum.