Site development

Articon has many years of experiences with site development for example for industrial buildings, new building units, and residential buildings.

Planning and landscaping

Articon has experience constructing facilities on various types of outdoor areas.

Road construction

Articon has long-standing experience building roads and other work related to infrastructure. Articon has built roads for both the public and private sectors.


Articon has built various types of harbour facilities across the country – both small and large.

Other tasks related to harbour building: deepening, renovation, building landing quays and wooden harbours. Articon has many years of experience with these tasks.

Tunnel work

Over the last years Articon has been building tunnels in the Faroe Islands. The first tunnel Articon made was the tunnel to Viðareiði. Work started in 2014 and ended in 2016. Articon has also built a storage tunnel in Fuglafjørður for Havsbrún. The tunnel is located in the harbour area. In 2019 Articon started a tunnel project in Hvalba, which is due to be completed in in 2021.


Articon has built different types of bridges in the Faroe Islands. For example, Fossá Bridge in Vestmanna and the telpher to Stakkurin.

District heating

Articon has worked for the district heating company, Fjarhitafelagið, installing district heating in Tórshavn.