Articon has a large and diverse fleet of excavators, cranes, dump trucks and crane trucks, as well as other construction equipment, which gives us the flexibility to work efficiently on each individual assignment. It enables us to provide excellent service both to industry and private customers.

Our equipment is always safe and in good repair. And we ensure that it is compliant with the standards required by the relevant authorities at any given time.


With our cranes we can take on a broad range of assignments for ordinary construction projects, including shuttering and steel work, as well as specialist tasks such as erecting wind turbines and chimneys and lifting boats.

Articon has a Grove 250 ton mobile crane, which lifts up to 95 m, and a Liebherr 110 ton rough terrain crane. When we take on assignments, we prepare thoroughly and focus on solving even the most complex tasks safely, sustainably and efficiently.

Articon also has 3 semi-mobile IGO 50 construction cranes, which all have a hook height of 23.2 m and a 40 m jib. In addition, we have a Hoeflon C10 crane, which can be packed to fit through a standard door.

Crane trucks

Articon has three crane trucks, which all have experienced drivers. The cranes range from 42 to 110 ton metre. The trucks can be used to grab material, move containers, construct shuttering, move large objects, etc.


We have a fleet of advanced excavators. Articon can take on any excavation assignment with machines ranging from 900 kg to 52 ton. The largest machines can be fitted with long reach equipment, so that they can dig at a distance of 16 m. Nearly all our machinery is equipped with GPS guidance to ensure precision, functionality and quality.

Lifts and telescopic loaders

Articon has boom and scissor lifts in many different sizes, both electric and diesel fuelled.

We can take on assignments that require lifting up to 28 m. With the Manitou telescopic loader we can lift up to 25 m.

We have two Ommelift lifts, which are useful because they fit through standard doors.


The next time you need assistance with excavation, lifting or moving, contact Articon’s Material and Equipment Department at +298 286168 for further information about how we can help you.