Since 2006 Articon has had its own workshop. Currently, twenty people with a range of experiences and qualifications work there.

Authorized Volvo workshop

In 2020 our workshop was certified as an authorized Volvo workshop. This means that our workshop has all the necessary testing equipment to work on our Volvo excavators and dump trucks. Our staff at the workshop have been trained and certified by Volvo Denmark.


Our workshop repairs various types of mechanic and hydraulic machinery and equipment. We have robust experience repairing Manitou machines, dump trucks and lifts. We also offer van inspections and repairs.


Articon supplies steel work for buildings, harbours , etc. We also repair excavator parts and take on similar tasks.


We have a lot of spare parts and other equipment for construction machinery in storage. We can also order spare parts for you.

Our storage supplies spare parts for Volvo construction machines, as well as engine oil and other equipment for Volvo machinery and other brands.

Our workshop is located á Hjalla, Hoyvík, next to our main office and concrete station. We provide on site services.

Contact information

Contact our workshop at  +298 350710 or by e-mail: