Á Fløtum School

On December 20th 201,6 the joint venture ArtiCon-Búsetur Í/F and Tórshavn Municipality signed a contract for the groundwork required to build the large-scale school project á Fløtum.

The building is made up of 7 independent units. The architects envisaged these 7 islands separated and at the same time connected by fjords and sounds, which are made up of the communal areas.

The building is 155 metres long, 45 metres wide and ranges from 18 to 4 metres tall at its highest and lowest points. The total area of the building is 11,600 m².

All exterior walls, except for the ones adjacent to the sports hall, are glass walls. The glass façade spans 3,454 m².

Great attention has been paid to the school’s acoustics. A total of 2,435 m² of sound-absorbing material has been mounted on the interior walls.  The ceiling also plays a role in improving acoustics in the school, where 8,265 m² of Troldtekt ceiling panels have been set up.

Load-bearing steel rafters were installed over the sports hall. These rafters carry 2 storeys and have a free span of 27 metres across the hall. The largest rafter weighed upwards of 35 tonnes.

On the bridges between the islands and the paths along the classrooms on the top floor there is wooden latticework. The school has total of half a kilometre of latticework .


Building contract
Totalprovider and cooperation
Municipality of Tórshavn
February 2017 - November 2020