Construction of Hans Andrias’ Road which has been extended to run from Landa Road to Marknagil Road past Skúlin a Fløtum school, has been completed and handed over to Tórshavn Municipality.

The stretch of road on Marknagil Road, from the access to Undir Gráastein Road, down towards Landa Road, has been reconstructed, along with extensive rewiring of the electrical and telephone network.  The project also included the completion of Janus Road.

In addition to the excavation and leveling work, approximately 3,4km of road kerbs have been laid, 23,400m2 have been asphalted and 1.5km of timber edges have been erected.


Building contract
Trade contract
Tórshavn municipality
February of 2020 to February of 2021
Contracted payment
Not official