Hotel Brandan

ArtiCon has built the magnificent Hotel Brandan located on Oknarvegur in Tórshavn.

The hotel has 124 rooms, of which 6 are designed as accessible rooms and 2 are suites.

Hotel Brandan has offers a wide range of the most modern facilities, but was built with meticulous care for the environment. Kontrast designed the hotel.

Sustainable construction

From the outset of the project there was an emphasis on making the hotel as green as possible.

The environmental perspective was evident already at the design and planning stage.  The building is well insulated, and windows and glass elements are made from energy-saving materials with a top energy rating. In addition, there was emphasis on ensuring that the heating and ventilation system, as well as the electricity and network grids, along with any equipment and fittings installed should be as environmentally friendly as possible. This means that the energy requirements for running the hotel are very low.

In September 2020 Hotel Brandan was certified by Green Key, which is an international environmental scheme certifying travel industry businesses that go the extra mile to protect the planet.

In its grounds for awarding the certification, Green Key cites, among other arguments, that Hotel Brandan places special emphasis on reducing food waste, energy usage and plastic consumption.

Hotel Brandan, which is the first Green Key hotel in the Faroe Islands, actively contributes to fostering green development in this island society. Hotel Brandan requires its suppliers to consider and actively protect the environment.


Plot size: 7,281 m²

Ground plan of the building: 1,377 m²

Gross floorage of the building: 4,814 m²

4 storeys

124 rooms, of these 6 accessible rooms and 2 suites.