Site development in Norðtoftir

ArtiCon was entrusted with developing the area adjacent to the existing smolt farm in Norðtoftir.

The size of the cleared and graded area is around 15,000 m2.

In addition to developing the site, ArtiCon also built a landing quay with fenders, rescue ladders and bollards. The landing quay is 25 metres long and 8 metres deep.

The equipment for the project was transported to Norðtoftir by sea. This was because larger machinery and tools did not fit through the existing Norður um Fjall tunnels. However, the work was well coordinated and ArtiCon successfully delivered on schedule.

ArtiCon has excavated and moved roughly 50,000 m3 of removed greensward from the area. In addition, 60,000 m3 of rock were blasted, moved and used for filling in and grading.


Building contract