At the start of 2019, the initial stage of remodelling & extension of Tjarnargarður commenced.  Four new dormers, some 307mhave been added, along with an elevator shaft with connecting stairs and entries has been completed.  The majority of the windows have been replaced, and two roofs re-furbised, giving a roof area of 1.680m2. Giving the total area of Tjarnargarður as 1.030m2.

The residential rooms in Kristianslon have been completetly remodelled except for the en suite bathrooms.

Tjarnargarður is a nursing home, comprising of 17 residential rooms, a cantine, living room and two adult day care rooms. Ergotherapy and physiotherapy is also available.


Building contract
Tórshavn municipality
Building commenced on 4th January 2019 and was completed 1st April 2021.
Contracted payment
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